Acta Medica Iranica 1985. 27(1-4):97-104.



Adamantinoma is a ,rare pr i mar y malignant tumor of • the long bones wit h unknown pathogenesis . , So far only a few cases are r eported in t he l ite r ature (2 ,3 ,9 , 11,17) • .Tibia is .t he major s ite o f predi lection , - howevex , the tumor a l so reported occasional ly i n other , l ong bones such as femur , f ibula , humerus , ulna and radius.( l;8 ,12 ) . . Most of the patients are i n the s e cond and ,t hir d decades of l ife. Rare l y fibr ous dysplasia (5) is a s s oc i a t ed with , adamantinoma of t he long bones . The symptoms a re l ong standing. The rout i ne r adiol ogic finding i s t hat of multiple lucent zones interspers ed with scleroti c bone,us ually wi th one l arge r arefied ' a r ea i n t he mid shaf t . Hist ologi ca lly, islands of epi t helial cells with peripheral l i s adi ng are seen in fibr ous s troma . Histogenesis of this tumor is not yet clear. But majority of the studies believe that of epithelial origin (6,15,16,18).Treatment depends upon the extent of tumor. If it is surgically feasible, resection of the tumor is the treatment of choice, if not, amputation. Here we report one case of adamantinoma of tibia and discuss clinicopathological findings.


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