A Report on the Incidence of phenylketonuria

  • M. Kabiri


To f i nd the. inc idence of Phenylketonuria(PKU) i n Teheran a study was conduc ted i n di ffe rent hospitals of Te heran f or a period of Six Years (1974-1980) by screening 8633 neona t e s wit h Guthrie-test . (4) . Among t hese neona tes ,seven had minor hyperphenylalaninemia(5 with 6 mg% and 2 with 8 mg%) . There was only one ca se with definite hyperphenylalaninemia(more t han 20 mg%) .

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M. Kabiri. A Report on the Incidence of phenylketonuria. Acta Med Iran. 24(3-4):107-113.