Acta Medica Iranica 1999. 37(3):168-169.

G. Khotaei


Systemic candidiasis i" a major problem in high risk neonates. Mortality is high but may be reduced by prompt antifungal therapy.
Y> c administered amphotericin li to 22 infants lift preterm with imtin birti' weigh: < ISOOg; mean gestational age .t2 i 2 weeks} tun! 4 full term newborn (mean birth weith, MIX- z. 200g. mean gestational age, .M ┬▒ .i weeks) infant;. with systeoiii candidiasis. During the IO year period. 22 infants wiln systemic Candida! infection were identified. Ill males and 12 female Within 5 days of starting therapy. 3 infants died I nun overwhelming and severe multisystem involvement, including centra; nervous system Candida infection. Altnoiu-h amphotericin B' may have contributed to the death of -> infants, ovens-helming disseminated Candida infection was the more likely cause. Our experience supports the opinion that infants taurnic amphotericin H well.


Low. birth weight, neonatal candidiasis,

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