Acta Medica Iranica 2001. 39(1):7-13.

Evaluation of the relationship of echocardiographic left vantricular mass to amounts of transfusions of packed cell and Deferoxamine in Thalassemia major
"Kocharian A, Dalir Rooyfard M "


The disease of thalassemia major requires mangement by repeated transfusions of packed cell and iron chelators such as deferoxamine. Today, serum ferritin is used for estimation of adequacy of the management. As the most morbidities and mortalities of the disease are the consequences of cardiac complications. Echocardiography is periodically periodically performed along with the management. In this case-control study, our object was to appoint if we can use “left ventricular mass” to evaluate the quality of past longterm managements for the patients.The variables of wieth, height, body suface area, total amounts of transfusion of packed all can deferoxamine during 5 years ago, crude left ventricular mass, indexed left ventricular mass ( left ventricular mass/ obdy suface area 123), ejection fraction, and shortening fraction, were measured in 34 thalassemia major patients of 16 to 18 years of age who had no sings or symptoms of any organ failure , particulary cardiac failure and had received repeated transfusions of paced cell and dederoxamine. In the control group, these variables (except amounts of transfusions of packed cell and deferoxamine) were measured in 34 normal subjects of 16 to 18 years of age too. The variables of left ventricular mass, ejection fraction and shortening. Fraction were recorded on the echocardiographic paper. Then, the group of thalassemic patients were sectioned into two subgroups of ordered (well managed) and non-ordered (bodly managed) patients on the basis of 5 scales. Since, on the basis of international scates, absolute majority of the patients were set in the non- ordered group, the international scales were moderated and comparisons wee done.Only the means of variables of weight, height had body surface area were tooless and of indexed left ventricular mass was too more in thalassemics than normal subjects (P.value= 0.0001). Almost no significant difference was seen between two ordered and non- ordered subgroups. On the baiss of any scale (P.value>0.05).By increase the cases and extension of the research the study can be done to reach the oetter results of more confidence.


β-Thalassemia, Left ventricular mass, Ejection fraction, Shortening fraction, Packed cell, Deferoxamine,

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