Albendazole and alveolar disease: A case report

  • Daneshjou Kh
  • Haghshenas Z
Keywords: Alveolar hydatid disease, Medical therapy, Albendazole,


Hydatidsis is a zoonosis transmitted by domestic and wild animals. Two distinct clinical presentations are as followes: unilocular of cystic hydatid disease and the more malignant form, called alveolar hydatid disease.This case report presents a patient who complained of chest pain and hemoptysis and his lung CT scan suggested solid tumor. He was found to have alveolar diseae which responded to albendazole medical therapy
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Daneshjou Kh, Haghshenas Z. Albendazole and alveolar disease: A case report. Acta Med Iran. 40(2):104-105.