• A. Nadji
  • F. Shahram
  • A.R. Jamshidi F. Davatchi
Keywords: Behçet’s disease, Abortion, Ocular involvement,


Behçet’s disease (BD) is a multisystem disorder with potential ability to influence the pregnancy outcome and pregnancy is associated with several physiologic alterations which can lead to potential changes in the course of the disease. We studied 77 pregnancies in 69 women with BD. The disease activity was calculated by two methods for three periods of before, during and after pregnancy to evaluate changes induced by pregnancy. The pregnancy outcome and the newborns’ status were also evaluated. In 31 pregnancies (40.3%) no change was observed in the disease activity during pregnancy. The disease activity improved in 21 (27.3%) and aggravated in 25 (32.4%) pregnancies. After the delivery, the disease activity did not change in 31 patients (40.3%). It improved in 23 (29.85%) and aggravated in 23 patients (29.85%). We had full term delivery in 62 pregnancies (80.5%) and a failure in 15 cases (19.5%). Our results show that the effect of pregnancy on BD was not the same in all patients. The delivery had variable effects on the disease activity, with changes in 59.7% of cases. Comparison of the disease manifestations between patients with and without abortion showed no significant difference except for the peripheral joint and eye involvement which were significantly higher in patients with abortion. No neonatal BD was seen in our cases. The 19.5% failure rate of pregnancy must be a major concern when deciding for a new pregnancy in a patient with BD. It would be even more important in patients with eye and joint involvement.
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A. Nadji, F. Shahram, A.R. Jamshidi F. Davatchi. BEHCET’S DISEASE AND PREGNANCY. Acta Med Iran. 42(6):415-418.