Acta Medica Iranica 2011. 49(7):483-486.

A 75-Year Old Man Complaining of Flank Pain and Obstructive Urinary Symptoms: A Case Report
Mohammad-Ghasem Mohseni, Morteza Hamidi, Alborz Salavati, Nazir Rangzan, Farid Kowsari


Benign renal cystic adenoma with out malignant features is a very rare entity. A 75 year old male with obstructive Lower tract symptoms and vague flank pain was admitted and planned for nephrectomy of non functional kidney -due to long term nephrolithiasis- intra operative finding was a cystic hydronephrotic kidney filled by thick mucous secretions which turned out to be a cyst adenoma of kidney with no malignant features.


Muconephrosis; Mucinous; Renal; Benign; Tumor

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