Acta Medica Iranica 2012. 50(3):222-224.

Chondroma of Falx: Case Report of a Rare Condition
Ata Abbasi, Farid Azmoudeh Ardalan, Seyed Mojtaba Miri, Shahryar Shahriarian, Farzad Tajik


Chondroma is a benign tumor which mostly occurs in extremities but also sometimes in brain. Most intracranial chondromas arise from skull base, but chondroma of falx origin is a rare circumstance. Indeed, the intracranial chondromas rise from falx is mostly in relation with syndromic disorders such as Mafucci's syndrome or Ollier's syndrome. Here, we reported a rare case of falxian intracranial chondroma in a young man who has normal physical examination and no signs of any syndromic disorder. The goal of this paper was to raise awareness about chondromas and suggest that chondroma be ruled out in any patient with masses arising from falx.


Chondroma; Skull; Falx; Neoplasms; Benign

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