Acta Medica Iranica 2012. 50(5):335-338.

Bullous Pemphigoid in Iranian Patients: A Descriptive Study on 122 Cases
Nafiseh Esmaili, Zahra Hallaji, Tahereh Soori, Cheyda Chams Davatchi


Bullous pemphigoid is an immunobullous disease with high mortality and morbidity. Different aspects and characteristics in the patients vary in different areas in the world. Our objective was to study clinical and demographic characteristics of bullous pemphigoid in Iranian patients. In a retrospective descriptive study, we reviewed 122 patients with bullous pemphigoid within 1987-2007. Demographic characteristics, clinical manifestations, treatment, relapses and outcome were evaluated. The mean age of 122 patients was 65 ± 18.11 years including 35.2% male and 64.8% female. The most common manifestations were cutaneous bullae (97.5%). 27% had oral lesions. 30.3% had eosinophillia. 90 patients(73.8%) received oral prednisolone, 29 patients (23.8%) topical steroid, 2 patients tetracycline and 1 patient dapsone. 89 patients were followed after admission. Out of them 44 patients experienced first relapse and 22 patients second relapse. 41 cases (46%) were completely controlled. 11 cases (12%) were not controlled. Clinical and general characteristics of bullous pemphigoid patients differ in various regions in the world.


Bullous pemphigoid; Iranian; Immunobullous diseases

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