Acta Medica Iranica 1972. 0(0):120-124.

Acute Plasma Cell Leukemia Associated with Bence-Jones Proteinuria: A case Report
M. Morshed,  M. Zamanianpour


Acute plasma cell leukemia with Bence-Jones proteinuria is reported in a 60 year old lranien male with a 25 day history of acute onset of fever. weakness, weight loss, diarrhea and bloody stools. The patient was noted to be cachectic and anemic. He had purpuric and petechial skin lesions, generalized lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly. Up to 80% immature plasma cells were present in the peripheral blood and the platelet count was 10,000. Bone marrow was hypercellular and that most of it was composed of immature plasma cells. Serum electrophoresis showed increased beta globulins and Bence-Jones protein was strongly positive in the urine. The patient died after nine days in uremic coma with haemorrhagic diathesis. Auto psy showed wide spread infi ltra tion of plasmocytes and plasmocytoblasts in all organs.


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