Acta Medica Iranica 1958. 2(1):23-40.

A Contribution to the Study of the Association of Pulmonary Emphysema and Peptic Ulcer
A. T. Nafici


This is a short survey on association of pulmonary emphysema and peptic ulcer in 680 hospitalized and 1218 private patients. The incidence of peptic ulcer in emphysemateous patient has been approximately evaluated as 38,80 /0 in hospital and 99% in private patients especially studied for this purpose. The probable cause or causes that may enhance the production of peptic ulcer in emphysemateous persons is discussed. A special constitution has been found in most cases of peptic ulcer; the result of which will .be published later en. In view of the fact that Some of the ernphysernateous ulcer patients had bronchial asthma in their history, and as such patients may develop no pathognomonic symptoms or signs of peptic ulcer steroid hormones are likely to be unduly prescribed for them which may result in the appearance of some of the complica ti ons of peptic ulcer such as hemorrhage or perforation. So we recommend that before making quite certain of the absence of the clinical and radiological signs or symptoms of peptic ulcer, any prescription of steroid hormones should strictly be avoided.


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