Acta Medica Iranica 2014. 52(5):411-413.

An unusual case of recurrent gastric cancer long after the first gastrectomy due to adenocarcinoma.
Mohsen Abdollahi, Ghodratollah Maddah, Mohammad Taghi Rajabi Mashhadi, Jamal Jalili Shahri, Mehdi Abbasi Sahebi, Abbas Abdollahi


The postgastrectomy recurrence rate is as high as 30-65%, with 5-year overall survival rates of <20%. Local recurrence is very common which occurs in 38-45% of cases. The most common sites of locoregional recurrence are the gastric remnant at the anastomosis, the gastric bed, and the regional nodes. The recurrence may occur as early and late events after gastrectomy. Most recurrences are early, within three years of surgery. Numerous studies reported the late recurrences, but most of them having a survival time of less than ten years. This report elucidates a case of recurrent gastric cancer after 24 years postoperatively.


Recurrent gastric cancer; Gastrectomy; Adenocarcinoma; Surgical Procedures; Operative

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