Acta Medica Iranica 2014. 52(4):323-326.

A neonate with indurate dermal papules and nodules and pneumonia: a case report.
Behdad Gharib, Mina Almasi, Sara Esmaeili, Soheila Sotoudeh, Maryam Monajemzadeh, Asghar Ramyar, Hossein Farshadmoghadam, Farah Sabouni


We presents an infant with several indurated plaques and nodules scattered on her body. She was brought to the hospital because of fever, runny nose and cough from one month ago. During the examination and investigation the plaques and nodules grabbed the attention of the clinicians and the skin biopsy and other lab works revealed the diagnosis of congenital leukemia.


Congenital leukemia; Leukemia cutis; Blueberry muffin; Noduules; Plaques

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