Acta Medica Iranica 2015. 53(10):652-655.

CCharacteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury among Accident and Falling Down Cases
Kamran Aghakhani, Mansoureh Heidari, Maryam Ameri, Shahrokh Mehrpisheh, Azadeh Memarian


Motor vehicle and falling down are responsible for the most number of traumatic injuries. This study aimed to compare the characteristics of traumatic brain injury among accident and falling down cases. In this analytical cross- sectional study, data were collected from the records of cadavers who died due to accident or falling down and referred to Kahrizak dissection hall, Tehran forensic medicine organization during 2013. A total of 237 subjects (183 (77.2%) accident and 54 (22.8%) falling down) with a mean age of 35.62 (SD=15.75) were evaluated. A number of 213 (89.9%) were male. From accident group, scalp injury was seen in 146 (79.8%), scalp abrasion in 122 (66.7%), scalp laceration in 104 (56.8%), sub skull bruising in 176 (96.3%), skull fracture in 119 (65%), hemorrhage in 166 (90.7%), Subdural hemorrhage (SDH) in 155 (84.7%), Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) in 161 (88%), Epidural hemorrhage (EDH) in 41 (22.4%), contusion in 140 (76.5%), and skull base fracture in 140 (76.5%) of cases. In falling down group scalp injury was seen in 42 (77.8%) cadavers, scalp abrasion in 38 (70.4%), scalp laceration in 30 (55.6%), sub skull bruising in 49 (90.7%), skull fracture in 39 (72.2%), Hemorrhage in 49 (90.7%), SDH in 43 (79.6%), SAH in 47 (87%), EDH in 10 (18.5%), contusion in 33 (61.1%), and skull base fracture in 39 (72.2%) of cases. There was no significant difference between these two groups (P Value> 0.05). Accident and falling down had no difference in terms of any injury or hemorrhage.


Head trauma; Brain injury; Accident; Falling down

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