Acta Medica Iranica 2017. 55(11):730-732.

Hiatal Hernia From Misdiagnosis to Diagnosis
Fezzeh Elyasinia, Hassan Emami Razavi, Alireza Hosseini, Firoozeh Abolhasanizade, Reza Matloub, Behnam Behboudi, Farham Ahmadi


Complications of hiatal hernia are potentially lethal, and surgical intervention is necessary. This matter is more important in cases that have ambiguous symptoms and are diagnosed with a delay. Such patients may experience life-threatening course and events. Accordingly, in this report, a 23-year-old male patient with unusual findings is presented. A 23-year-old male patient with acute dyspnea and fever was admitted in infectious disease ward with diagnosis of empyema according to chest radiography and CT-scan findings (Figures 1 and 2). On physical examinations the right lung sounds were normal, and the left lung sounds could not be heard. Then a gastrography was performed because of suspicion to hiatal hernia based on physical examination findings showing the presence of stomach in the thorax (Figure 3). In the surgery, the stomach and the transverse colon were released and reputed in the abdomen (Figure 4). The diaphragm was primarily repaired due to small defect, and the patient was discharged after 4-5 days with good general conditions. This case had a learning note that in the case of acute dyspnea with a positive history of stab wound to the chest, hiatal hernia should be considered as an important diagnosis and in these cases performing a gastrography would help physicians to make true and certain diagnosis and therapeutic decision.


Hiatal hernia; Stab wound; Dyspnea

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