Acta Medica Iranica 2016. 54(10):683-685.

Adult Onset Still's Disease With Different Antibodies: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Maryam Mobini, Roya Ghasemian, Fatemeh Zameni


 Adult-onset Still’s disease (AOSD) is a rare systemic inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology. There is not currently any specific serological markers for AOSD , and  diagnosis still relying on the exclusion of other likely diagnoses. Yamaguchi’s criteria are used as a diagnostic criterion which contains negative serologic markers for other collagen vascular diseases including systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Here we report a 28-year-old woman with arthralgia, fever, rash, leukocytosis, lymphadenopathy, sore throat, abnormal liver function and negative rheumatoid factor and ANA but  seropositive for anti-CCP, anti-dsDNA, and C-ANCA. It seems that despite AOSD is considered as a seronegativedisorder; it should be remembered in patients with compatible findings who are seropositive.


Adult-onset Still’s disease; Polyarthralgia; ANCA; Anti CCP; Anti-dsDNA

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