Effect of radiation therapy on wound healing

  • Gashtasb Aghasinejad
  • Mehdi Raei
  • Saeid Azad
  • Bahareh Aghasinejad
Keywords: Wound healing, radiation therapy, skin, mice


Background: Many studies were carried out to improve sophisticated approaches to accelerate wound healing processes and also, wound healing is extensively discussed in the medicinal literature. In this study, we aimed to investigate the wound healing of mice with visible radiation (630 nm).

Materials and methods: In this study, 28 male mice were used and randomly divided into 4 groups. All samples were subjected to a 6 mm skin incision. Four groups were tested as following 10 minutes (First group), 20 minutes (Second group), 30minute (Third group) light exposure and no light  radiation (control group), respectively. Wound contraction was analyzed by taking photos and Image J software.  All mice were scarified and samples were evaluated by Hematoxylin and Eosin staining after one week.  

Results: The results demonstrated that the experimental group with 20 minute light irradiation had a much faster effect of wound healing than the 10, 30 minute and control group.

Conclusion: The results showed that 20 minutes of light exposure group was the best treatment.

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Aghasinejad G, Raei M, Azad S, Aghasinejad B. Effect of radiation therapy on wound healing. Acta Med Iran. 57(3):167-172.