An Epidemiological Study of Accidents in Teheran Iran

  • Ezzatollah Mahboubi


In order to study the epidemiology of accidents in Tehran City, the author has collected and analysed records of more than 25,000 accident cases for the period 1960-61 from all available sources such as newspaper rapportages,nine major hospitals of Tehran, Forensic Medicine Department of Ministry of Justice, Vital Statistics Department of Ministry of Health, Labors' Insurance Organization, etc. Approximately 1400 deaths and 17000 severe injuries are accident-induced annually in Tehran and accidents are in the sixth place, as causes of death (=6.7%). They rank first as the pause of deaths for the age group 5-45 years (=23.8%) and fourth for the age group 1-44. (=9. 6%). The distribution of accident types is as follows:- The distribution of accident types is as follows:-
1. Motor vehicle accidents                                         27/8%
2. Other transport accidents                                      3.7%
3. Drowning                                                            19.6%
4. Falls and builidng collapses                                      16.8%
5. Burns (all sorts)                                                     12.4%
6. Poisoning                                                              8.8%
7. Accident caused by electricity                                  2.6%
8.all other accident                                                    8.3%
Various epidemiological aspects of these accidents and an analysis
of fights, suicides and murders are given in the body of the paper

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