Vol 38, No 1 (2000)

Table of Contents



The ulcerogenic effect of Indomethacin in diabetic rats PDF XML
"Adl Golchin G, Ejtemaei Mehr Sh, Najibnia M " Pages: 1-3
Correlation of the intraocular pressure with increased intracranial pressure in rabbits PDF XML
Eskandari H, Hamzeimoghadam A, Fatolahpour E, Sheibani E Pages: 4-6
Incidence of thrombocytopenia in hyperbilirubinemic neonates during phototherapy PDF XML
Pishva N, Pishva H Pages: 7-9
The frequency of Tinea Pedis in patients with Tinea Cruris PDF XML
Farivar M, Farnaghi F, Danesh Pazhooh M, Seirafi H, Shokoohi A Pages: 10-13
The effects of Quinpirole and Sulpiride on conflict responses in rat PDF XML
Alaei H, Komaki A, Nasimi A Pages: 14-17
Ohtahara syndrome and IVF: A case report PDF XML
Ashrafi NR Pages: 18-20
Effects of direct current on motoneuron reflex excitability (Assessed by H-reflex amplitude) in healthy subjects PDF XML
Olyaei G, Akbari M, Esfandiarpoor F Pages: 21-24
A new approach for the induction of vitiligo in mice PDF XML
Zehtab T, Rafieii Tehranie S, Yazdanparast R Pages: 25-28
Astigmatism in candidates of Cataract surgery and its relationship with corneal optical power, axial length, sex and patient age PDF XML
Siatiri H Pages: 29-35
The effect of time from last food intake on arterial blood gases: Implication on reference values PDF XML
Zahedpour Anaraki M, Abtahi H Pages: 36-39
Necrotizing Fasciitis of vulva: A report of two cases PDF XML
Jamal A, Yazdanbod M Pages: 40-42
The effects of oral Acyclovir in the treatment of necrotizing Herpetic keratouveitis PDF XML
"Hosseini Tehrani M;Poormostadam B;Vallaei N;Raiszadeh F " Pages: 43-49
"Oral rehydration therapy in 140 infants suffering from hypernatremic diarrheal dehydration " PDF XML
Rafii M Pages: 50-54
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma: The role of immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy in differentiation between undifferentiated carcinoma and malignant lymphoma: Report of 10 cases and review of literature PDF XML
Ensani F, Karimi Sh Pages: 55-60
Biomechanical analysis of the anterior displacement of Tibial tuberosity (Maquet operation): A computer model study PDF XML
Farahmand F, Tahmasebi MN Pages: 61-66