Vol 39, No 2 (2001)

Table of Contents



"Is it essential to write complete first names of authors in Bio-medical journals? " PDF XML
"Hussain Khan Z, Kashfi A " Pages: 64-65
Comparison of standard and augmented surgical procedures in the management of partial accommodative esotropia PDF XML
"Yazdanian Z, Khodami N " Pages: 65-69
"Quality of life in hemodialysis patients " PDF XML
Nabaie B, Shahidzadeh A, Dabiran S Pages: 70-75
Role of Oxygen-free radicals on the motility of rat ileum effects of Xanthine plus Xanthine Oxidase PDF XML
Izadi Mood N, Prasad k Pages: 76-84
"Distal common pathway in atrioventricular node reentrant tachycardia " PDF XML
"Moghaddam M, Yamini Sharif A " Pages: 85-86
Invasive Meningococcal disease, cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis and acute adverse outcome of children in Tehran, Iran between 1991-2000 PDF XML
Khotaei Gh, Hadipour F Pages: 87-91
A new method for rapid Canine retraction PDF XML
"Khavari A, Pourshahi M " Pages: 92-98
Relationship between newborn Acid-Base status and umbilical cord morphology PDF XML
Marssosi V, Masoomi F Pages: 99-102
"Acute renal failure: A prospective four months study at Shariati Hospital " PDF XML
"Najafi I, Ganji MR, Kayedi M, Haghighatkhah HR, Seyedian R " Pages: 103-105
"A comparison between aspiration cytology and histological findings of ovarian masses " PDF XML
Djamali Zavarehi M, Sarmadi S, Azmoudeh Ardalan F Pages: 106-108
"Analysis of 58 cases of Tinea Capitis in Tehran Razi Hospital " PDF XML
"Hallaji Z, Sadri MF, Dadvar F " Pages: 109-112
"Wegener’s granulomatosis in a patient with Rheumatoid arthritis " PDF XML
"Ahmadi Nejad Z, Gransar A, Jabbari H, Taj M " Pages: 113-117
Nocardial cerebellar abscess in a case of systemic Lupus erythematosus receiving long term corticotherapy PDF XML
Saberi H, Fakhr Tabatabai SA, Hussain Khan Z Pages: 118-121
"Isolated, pure radial dislocation of the Scaphoid: A case report and review of literature " PDF XML
Mortazavi SM, Farzan M, Moradi H Pages: 122-125
Bilateral optic nerve head hemangioma in Von Hippel Lindau disease: Report of a case with severe visual loss PDF XML
Abdollahi A, Mirshahi A Pages: 126-129