Vol 39, No 4 (2001)

Table of Contents



The effects of the Pirenperone and Ketanserin injected into the CA1 region on spatial discrimination PDF XML
Naghdi N, Majlessi N, Boroufar F Pages: 175-181
"Neurologic complications in Hemophilia: A study in 214 cases " PDF XML
Ghaffarpoor M, Sharifian R, Mehrabi F, Salehi M Pages: 182-184
Chronic Meningitis: A study on epidemiological and clinical findings, treatment results and prognosis of 97 patients PDF XML
"Ahmadinejad Z, Rasolinejad M, Rezaeian A " Pages: 185-190
Autoantibodies against modified low density Lipoprotein in patients with coronary heart disease and normal individuals PDF XML
"Mohammadi R, Doosti M, Javadi E, Sarrafnejad A, Karimi A, Mohagheghi A " Pages: 191-194
Results and complications of scleral fixated (Sutured) posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation PDF XML
Amoozadeh J, Naderi AR, Rahimi F Pages: 195-198
Congenital double lip: An experience with 5 cases and a proposed new method for surgical correction PDF XML
Farahvash MR Pages: 199-204
Maternal serum Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate levels and the efficiency of labor PDF XML
"Modares Gilani M, Peikari N, Ziai S, Faghihzadeh B " Pages: 205-208
Heat fragmentation pattern of DNA treated with two different Furocoumarins isolated from Anethum Graveolens leaves PDF XML
Mianabadi M, Sadeghi H, Yazdanparast R Pages: 209-212
"Purification and evaluation of somatic, excretory-secretory and Cysteine proteinase antigens of Fasciola Hepatica using IgG-ELISA in diagnosing Fascioliasis " PDF XML
"Rokni MB, Massoud J, Pezeshki M, Jalali M " Pages: 213-218
"Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate as an adjunct in the treatment of severe Asthmatic patients non-responding to conventional therapy " PDF XML
Bijani KH, Moghadamnia AA, Islami Khalili E Pages: 219-221
Pleomorphic adenoma in sweat gland: Report of a case PDF XML
Hashemi HM Pages: 222-225