Vol 41, No 2 (2003)

Table of Contents



Induction of Thymic HLA-DR signaling with Alpha-smooth muscle Actin expression during the second and third trimesters of gestation PDF XML
Tamiolakis D, Venizelos J, Kotini A, Skafida P, Cheva A, Papadopoulos N Pages: 73-78
Simple and rapid identification of most medically important Candida species by a PCR-restriction enzyme method PDF XML
Mirhendi SH, Kordbacheh P, Pezeshki M, Khorramizadeh MR Pages: 79-83
Comparison between Fenugreek and Lovastatin in restoration of endothelial function in an experimental old rat model PDF XML
"Pipelzadeh MH, Dezfulian A, Koochek MH, Moradi M " Pages: 84-90
"Maternal serum Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate levels and successful labor induction " PDF XML
Modares Gilani M, Paykari N Pages: 91-93
Increases of QT dispersion, corrected QT dispersion and QT interval in young healthy individuals during Ramadan fasting PDF XML
Moradmand S, Moosavi M, Nematipour E, Eslami M, Gharouni M, Balali R, Abdolmotallebi F Pages: 94-99
Acute mucocutaneous and systemic adverse effects of Etretinate PDF XML
"Mortazavi H, Shariati B, Zarrinpour N " Pages: 100-104
A pilot study of first-line chemotherapy with 5-FU and Platinum in advanced and recurrent cancer of the cervix PDF XML
Ghaemmaghami F, Behtash N, Yarandi F, Moosavi A, Toogeh Gh.R, Khanafshar N Pages: 105-109
First case report of primary Actinomycosis of the breast due to Actinomyces Israelii from Iran PDF XML
Daie Ghazvini R, Zaini F, Zibafar E, Omidi K Pages: 110-112
Osteosarcoma of the jaws: A retrospective study PDF XML
Baghaie F, Motahhary P Pages: 113-121
"Aspergillosis following Cytomegalovirus disease in a kidney transplant patient " PDF XML
"Ameri Sh, Broumand B " Pages: 122-125
A prospective, randomized, controlled trial of high and low doses of Magnesium Sulfate for acute Tocolysis PDF XML
Behrad V, Moossavifar N, Mojtahedzadeh M, Esmaili H, Moghtadeii P Pages: 126-131
A survey of 800 bats for isolation of Histoplasma Capsulatum in Iran PDF XML
Hashemi SJ, Emami M Pages: 126-131
"Supplemental Pethidine and Fentanyl to local anesthetics in supraclavicular block " PDF XML
Sadeghi SA, Soleimani AA, Soleimanifar M Pages: 134-137