A Case Report of Jessner's Lymphocytic Infiltrate Induced by Exposure


Lymphocytic infiltration of Jessner-Kanof is a chronic, benign T cell infiltration disorder of exposed skin with unknown etiology. In some instances, these lesions are induced or aggravated by light exposure. In this case report, we are going to describe an interesting occupationally related skin disease, Jessner's disease, after several years working with computer. On the basis of literature review, a similar case regarding to association between Jessner's syndrome and exposure to computer monitor has not yet been describe. Interpreting our case regarding to previous reports about induction or aggravation of Jessner's disease by light exposure, we can conclude that there may be an association between exposure to radiation reflection from computer monitor and in this facial skin problem, as when patient was away from work her condition got better and when she came back, her condition got worse.

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