Pneumothorax Following Feeding Tube Placement: Precaution and Treatment

  • Bardia Amirlak Mail Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Texas, South Western Medical Center, Texas, USA.
  • Iradj Amirlak Department of Pediatrics, NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain UAE.
  • Ziad Awad Department of Surgery, University of Florida, USA.
  • Morteza Zahmatkesh Department of Emergency, NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain UAE.
  • Irakilis Pipinos Department of Surgery, Creighton University, Nebraska, USA.
  • Armour Forse Department of Surgery, Creighton University, Nebraska, USA.
Enteral feeding, Pneumothorax, Intubation, Nasogastric


Nasojejunal feeding tubes are being used at an increased frequency, but it is not without complications that could be life-threatening. We report two cases of pneumothorax following small-bore feeding tube insertion into the pleural cavity, resulting in pneumothorax. We further discuss the potential measures that can be taken to prevent and treat this serious complication.


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