Chronic Effect of Gabapentin on Liver function in Adult Male Rats

  • Mohammad Hassan Meshkibaf Mail Departments of Biochemistry, Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Fasa, Iran.
  • Behnoosh Miladpoor Departments of Biochemistry, Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Fasa, Iran.
  • Fateme Shole Var Departments of Biochemistry, Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Fasa, Iran.
  • Abbas Abdollahi Departments of Biochemistry, Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Fasa, Iran.
Antiepileptic, Gabapentin, Liver function test


Gabapentin (GPN) is a new antiepileptic agent currently in used as add-on therapy in adult patients suffering from partial seizures. The extent of liver damage at different dosage and long term treatment with GPN is not yet clear. Therefore this study was undertaken to find out the possibility of liver damage by this drug. Adult male (Wistar) rats of 180-220 g were administered intraperitoneally with GPN (20 or 100 mg/kg) for 45 days. After the experimental period, the liver function tests were carried out in control and experimental groups. The activity of liver enzymes, with 20 mg/kg of GPN were not significantly different from the control group but, the serum levels of aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, lactate dehydrogenase, direct bilirubin and total bilirubin were enhanced significantly with 100 mg/kg of GPN. Total protein and albumin decreased in this group as compared with control animals. The histopathology of the liver parenchymal cells also showed minute foci of necrosis in a few rats treated with high dose of GPN, whereas, at therapeutic dose the histopathology and biochemical indices showed almost normal values. At therapeutic dose GPN is a safer drug with regards to liver function and hepatocellular damage as compared with other antiepileptic drugs.


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