Neoplasia from Genetic Point of View

  • Reza Shirkoohi Cancer Research Center, Cancer Institute of Iran, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
  • Cyrus Azimi Mail Cancer Research Center, Cancer Institute of Iran, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
Cancer, Cytogenetics, Epigenetics, Genetics, Oncogenes, Tumor suppressors


Cancer is a genetic-epigenetic based disease which contains a complex of alterations that cause irreversible transformation of cells with a new anarchic behavior. Tumor suppressor inactivation and/or oncogene activation will lead to tumorigenesis. Based on the genetic alteration in germ or somatic cells, the affected person will have a different fate of cancer incidence or inheritable cancer susceptibility syndrome. Knowing the mechanism of molecular and cytogenetic alterations in cancer will give an advantage in finding more practical approaches to cancer management. In this review, the cancer genetics is discussed from different aspects.


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