Giant Vulvar Schwannoma: A Case Report

  • Murat Bozkurt Mail Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Universal Hospital Group Malatya, Turkey.
  • Duygu Kara Department of Radiology, State Hospital Muş,Turkey.
Schwannoma, Vulvar mass


Schwannoma is a solitary, slow growing,  benign tumour of the peripheral  nerve sheath, and it is most common locations are the head, neck, the flexor surfaces of the extremities, retroperitoneal and posterior mediastinium. External female genital organs are the least common location site of the schwannoma. Only a few cases of vulvar schwannoma have been reported.We report 65 year- old woman presented with a left vulvar swelling, which had been present for several years. The tumor size is 15x12 cm and slowly increased but it prevent patient activities such as walking and sitting. The tumor was resected for treatment and the histological examination confirmed to be a vulvar schwannoma. In our best knowledge, vulvar schwannoma in this case is the largest size in the literature.  


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