A Novel Approach to Minimally Invasive Management of Sigmoid Volvulus


Resection is the most common treatment choice for sigmoid volvulus, a common complication in our region. A new minimally invasive technique for sigmoid resection with local anesthesia was done in this study. This method is invented to avoid general on regional anesthesia in high-risk patients. Nineteen patients were evaluated and then 14 were enrolled in this study. Sigmoidectomy with a left lower quadrant incision was performed and demographic data, the length of hospital stay, complications and procedure time were recorded. The mean age of participants was 65.68, and the male to female ratio was 1:2.7. The mean duration of the operation was 91.42 min. Complications include one case each of wound hematoma and wound infection. The intraoperative pain score was 1.2/10 and postoperative pain score was 2.35/10. The mean hospital staying was 8.3 days. By meticulous patient selection, sigmoidectomy under local anesthesia for sigmoid volvulus could be a surgeons’ armamentarium in special situations.

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