Evaluation of Magnesium Levels in Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Febrile Convulsion Hospitalized in Bahrami Hospital in Tehran in 2010-2011

  • Nahid Khosroshahi Department of Pediatric Neurology, Bahrami Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran.
  • Laleh Ghadirian Department of Community Medicine, Center for Academic and Health Policy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
  • Kamyar Kamrani Mail Department of Neonatology, Bahrami Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran.
Febrile convulsion, Serum magnesium, Cerebrospinal fluid magnesium, Children


Evaluation of magnesium levels in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with febrile convulsion (FC) hospitalized in Bahrami hospital in Tehran in 2010-2011. In the past, decreased levels of magnesium in serum and CSF of patients with FC were reported. The purpose of this study was to identify the possible role of magnesium in febrile seizures in children. Identifying this condition, we may control seizures and also prevent subsequent convulsion. In this cross-sectional study, inclusion criteria were the existence of convulsion due to fever and exclusion criteria were having a known neurological disease which could induce a seizure, and children younger than one month. In each group (cases include children with febrile convulsion and controls include febrile children without convulsion), Mg was measured in blood, and cerebrospinal fluid of 90 children and then they were compared. The data were analyzed by SPSS (α=0.05). The mean serum and CSF levels of Mg in case and control groups were equal (P<0.87 and P<0.22 respectively). There was no difference between two groups in terms of sex, but mean age was significantly different (P<0.003). There was not an association between serum and CSF levels of magnesium and the presence of FC. Therefore, it’s not suggested to measure the level of magnesium in serum or CSF in children with fever routinely.


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