Comparison of Histopathologic Features of Endometrial Cancer Based on Menopausal Status and Safety of Ovarian Preservation in Premenopausal Women


The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of coexisting ovarian malignancy and to determine whether ovarian preservation is feasible in premenopausal endometrial cancer (EC) patients. The data of 251 patients with endometrioid type endometrial cancer were retrospectively reviewed. We classified patients into two groups based on menopausal status. Information regarding patient age, preoperative and intraoperative evaluations, pathology reports, and follow-up results were abstracted from medical records. Coexisting ovarian malignancy was detected in 2 (4.3%) of 46 patients in premenopausal group and in 11 (5.3%) of 205 patients in postmenopausal group. Both patients in premenopausal group with coexisting ovarian malignancy had lymph node involvement and grade 2 tumors, while 5 (45.4%) of 11 patients in postmenopausal group had lymph node involvement and 9 (81.8%) of 11 patients had grade 3 tumors. Incidence of coexisting ovarian malignancies in premenopausal women with EC should not be underestimated. Owing to that thorough preoperative evaluation and an extensive intraoperative evaluation is critical for the decision of preserving ovaries.

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