The Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis and It's Relationship With Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke Among Adults in Iran


To determine the prevalence of allergic rhinitis (AR) among adult residents and investigate whether second-hand tobacco smoke (SHS) is correlated with AR as one of the global health problems and one of the most common respiratory disorders reducing the quality of life. A telephone interview survey was conducted by calling 16500 randomly selected telephone numbers from 22 regional telecommunications of Tehran (capital city of Iran) in 2010. A modified European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS) questionnaire was completed for adults aged between 20 to 44-year-old. Two questions about active smoking and being exposed to SHS were added to the questionnaire. five thousands five hundred cases (76.92%) responded to our calls among 7150 eligible telephone numbers. The gender of study population included 3412 female (62%) and 2088 male (38%) with the mean±SD age of 31.15±7.33. The prevalence of AR was 26.7%. There were no significant relationship between active smoking and AR; while a significant relationship was detected between SHS and AR among our participants (P=0.02). However, no significant difference was found between men and women. In addition, more than 50% of adults suffering from AR, showed significant symptoms of asthma (P<0.001). The results of the current study revealed that the prevalence of AR was higher in Iran compared to other countries worldwide and SHS may be considered as a serious risk factor for AR.

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