Morphometric Analysis of Foramen Spinosum in South Indian Population


Foramen Spinosum (FS) is one of the chief foramens in the infratemporal surface of greater wing of the sphenoid which is situated just posterior and lateral to foramen ovale. It is a significant landmark in cases of damage to the base of skull particularly in the middle cranial fossa and infratemporal fossa. It is usually needed as a landmark in neurosurgery because of its adjacent relations with other cranial foramina. So, this study was undertaken to determine the precise range of dimensions, the variations, asymmetry, and dissimilarity of the size seen in the foramen spinosum in the South Indian population. Sixty eight dry skulls of unknown sex were used for the study. Various measurements and distance from various surgical landmarks were taken to assess the position of foramen spinosum on both sides of skull. We also calculated the area of foramen spinosum. Various shapes of foramen spinosum were also noted, i.e. round, oval, pin hole or irregular. Statistical Analysis was done for the all the measurements using spss software. The mean anteroposterior diameter of foramen spinosum was 2.955±1.132 mm, 3.226±0.813 mm on the right and left sides. The mean transverse diameter of foramen spinosum came out to be 2.169±0.804 mm on right side and 2.274±9.174 mm on left side. There was no statistical significance in any parameter measured on the right and left side. This study will be helpful for neurosurgeons while doing surgery in the middle cranial fossa.

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