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Systematic Review on Aspects of Headaches


Headaches are a very common ailment in the modern world. Unfortunately, a large number of people are not diagnosed properly, and headaches are underestimated. However, it is worth analyzing this problem to be able to treat the causes of which the headache is only a symptom. The aim of the work was to present various types of headaches and their characteristic features. To this end, a systematic review of the PubMed science base has been carried out. It is possible to distinguish mainly primary and secondary headaches. Particularly noteworthy are secondary headaches, among which, for example, headaches associated with sexual activity can be observed. It can be seen that there is a lack of scientific literature discussing this type of headache. Since there is a stigma surrounding it, this topic is avoided in research and difficult to explore due to low public awareness. In turn, the treatment of headaches does not have to be limited to pharmacological methods. The review presents effective methods of non-pharmacological treatment of headaches. Headaches are a social and economic problem. It is important to educate the patient and their families in the field of headache treatment to increase patients' awareness of the types of headaches.

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