Morbidity Pattern With Treatment Outcome and Predictors of Mortality of Children Admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in a Peripheral Medical College in India


To capture lapses in management, active surveillance of pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) admissions should consider as an essential tool to bring a better outcome with available resources, while there is a scarcity of data from comparatively newly set up peripheral PICU in developing countries. An observational record-based cross-sectional study was conducted in a peripheral medical college PICU over one year to evaluate morbidity pattern, outcome, and predictors of mortality. Binomial logistic regression (SPSS version-25) was used for analysis. The confidence interval (CI) of Odd’s ratio was used to report the strength of association between dependent and independent variables. Pneumonia was the major cause of admission (27%), followed by septicemia (25.5%), congenital heart diseases (12.2%), bronchiolitis (6.6%), seizure disorders (8.6%), encephalitis (5%), and meningitis (4%). 51.7% were discharged, 14.6 %were referred, 3.2% were left against medical advice, and 30.4% were expired. Pneumonia (46.44%) was the most common cause of death, followed by sepsis (42.07%), congenital heart disease (15.3%), and bronchiolitis (6.01%). The mean duration of stay in PICU was five days (range 1-31 days). Patients who required ventilation (40%) or Inotropes (55.6%) had increased risk of mortality by 14 and 8 times, respectively. Age below one year, presence of bronchiolitis, pneumonia, ARDS, encephalitis, anemia, sepsis, dyselectrolytemia, and requirement of inotropes or ventilation were statistically significant risk factors for mortality (P<0.05). These predictors of morality will help to identify severe cases, prioritize resources and focus on the preventable methods in the public such as a vaccine, creating awareness about diseases, and proper referral.

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