Case Report

A Rare Case of Pregnancy Complicated by Bladder Exstrophy and Uterine Prolapse


Uterine prolapse and bladder exstrophy (BE) during pregnancy is a rare condition. The aim of this study was to present a rare case of pregnancy complicated by both bladder exstrophy and uterine prolapse. A 39-year-old pregnant woman (gravida 2, para 1) presented to the maternity department at 39 weeks of gestation with labor pain. Physical examination showed regular uterine contractions; the cervix was completely out of the vaginal opening with dilatation of 3 cm and effacement of 30%. She had a history of multiple surgeries for correction of bladder exstrophy and also suffered from uterine prolapse. In active labor, abnormal fetal heart rate tracing happened, so an emergent cesarean section was planned, and a healthy neonate with the normal Apgar score was born. At regular follow-up until four months after delivery, there was no sign or symptom of uterine proplase. Multidisciplinary management of patients with BE and uterine prolapse may result in optimal perinatal outcomes. Uterine prolapse may disappear after delivery, even in the complicated case of bladder exstrophy.

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