Case Report

Covid-19 in single kidney patient

Covid-19 in single kidney patient


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all people in the world, especially those at risk as kidney disordersEarly kidney damage in patients born with unilateral renal agenesis (URA) or solitary kidney can happen. These patients are at risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD), high blood pressure, and developing proteinuria. Unilateral renal agenesis is a cause of CKD. Therefore it is very interesting that observes a unilateral renal Patient that Suffers from Covid-19. Hence, the management of these patients with Covid‐19 is an area of interest, and a unique approach is warranted. A 43-year-old male patient with unilateral renal presented to our hospital for corona disease. The case was discussed between the nephrologists, Infectious disease specialists, and nursing head nurses for a care plan, daily. The patient had unilateral renal disease and Covid-19 could have a detrimental effect on the renal, but renal tests were normal and the patient recovered without acute renal complications. The treatment of such patients is the need for teamwork contain nephrologists, critical care nurses, and specialists in infectious and tropical diseases. This was a new experience in Iran. 

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