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Isolated Skin Rash in Patient With Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Case Report of Skin Manifestation in COVID-19 Virus Disease


Coronavirus Disease 2019 was initially identified as an infection of the lower respiratory tract but has so far manifested itself with very different symptoms. One of these symptoms is skin lesions associated with an active viral infection that can occur from the onset of infection until treatment. Therefore, observing these skin manifestations can be helpful in diagnosing and managing the disease. Our case is a 56-year-old man who came to the infectious clinic with a chief complaint of skin rashes. The patient was in good general condition on arrival and had no evidence of systemic symptoms of infection, such as fever, body aches, and cough. However, the PCR test for COVID-19 was positive. Although many dermatological findings have been reported with Coronavirus Disease, this case has reported with no symptoms other than skin manifestations that describe a viral infection. It seems that this disease can cause unexpected symptoms, even in mild cases. Therefore, it is better to have the COVID-19 in the corner of your mind when examining people with these symptoms.


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