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Complete Labial Adhesion in a Post-Pubertal Girl: A Case Report


Labial adhesion usually occurs in the infancy period and in prepubertal girls. It is a rare entity in reproductive age without any hypoestrogenism condition. Voiding dysfunction is a rare manifestation of these conditions. Here, we report a 19-year-old girl with complete labial adhesion presented with urinary retention. A 19-year-old virgin girl was referred to the obstetrics and gynecology department of Ghaem Hospital. She complained of urinary retention. Physical examination was normal except that was moderate hypogastric tenderness and a huge vesical globe. Genital examination revealed complete fusion of the labia minora in the midline, extended from the posterior fourchette to the region of the clitoris covering the entire vaginal introitus, urethral meatus, and clitoris. Despite the use of topical estrogen cream and surgical labial separation, re-adhesion occurred for the third time. Vulvar biopsy confirmed severe inflammation. Finally, topical anti-inflammatory medication improved the symptoms. Although labial adhesion is very rare in the post-pubertal period, it can successfully be managed by medical and surgical treatment.

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