Extraordinary Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus: A Rare Birthmark.


Clinical Case

   A 5-year-old female child, who consulted for pigmented patches involving the posterior surface of the trunk, buttocks and upper one third of both legs. There were hairy surface, dark, black colour and a sharply bordered measuring 29×39.5 cm (Figure 1).

   The physical  examination of child was normal. There was no history of other congenital anomaly or neurological deficit . No abnormality(bleeding or ulceration )was detected in the lesions. She was a product of non- consanguineous marriage. Both parents were healthy and none of the close family members had similar

skin lesions.

   A clinical diagnosis of Giant congenital melanocytic nevus (GCMN) was made. The patient was advised frequent follow-up visits and the performed screening procedures, including ultrasound and CT scan of lumbosacral region, did not reveal any abnormalities.

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