"Beneficial effects of vitamin C and vitamin E on blood pressure in Hyperandrogenic women "

  • Sotoudeh G
  • Siassi F
  • Mirdamadi SR
  • Mohammad K
  • Golestan B
  • Chamari M
Keywords: Androgen excess,


Hyperandrogenism affects 2-6% of all women. Hypertension is one of disturbances which is related to androgen excess. Higher intakes of vitamin C and vitamin E have been associated with lower blood pressure. Tho investigate the effect of these vitamin supplementation on blood pressure in hyperandrogenic women, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was designed on 56 women 18-54 years old. Women were randomly allocated to one of four treatment groups: spironolactone plus vitamain C and viamin E (SCE), spironolactone plus vitamins placebo (SP), vitamin C plus vitamin E (CE), vitamins placebo (P). The treatment consisted of oral administration of 100 mg spironolactone, 1000 mg vitamin C and 900 mg vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) daily for about 3 months. Results indicated that compared to pretreatment, vitamins supplementation significantly lowered systolic (119.1±12.6 vs. 112.6±15.4 mmHg) and mean blood pressure (97.4±11.5 vs. 92. ±12.1 mmHg) SCE group (P<0.05), diastolic (87.3±12.7 vs. 80±12 mmHg) and mean group (P<0.05). Blood levels of vitamin C and alpha-tocopherol increased in all SCE and CE subjects. In conclusion, vitamin C and vitamin E supplementation reduced blood pressure in hperandrogenic women who are at risk of hypertension.
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Sotoudeh G, Siassi F, Mirdamadi SR, Mohammad K, Golestan B, Chamari M. "Beneficial effects of vitamin C and vitamin E on blood pressure in Hyperandrogenic women &quot;. Acta Med Iran. 40(3):181-186.