Acta Medica Iranica 2010. 48(1):72-74.

A Young man with an Ulcerated Lesion on the Right Ankle
Kamran Balighi, Khalil Farsinejad, Mohamadreza Barzegar, Zahra Naraghi, Seyed Mohammad Ali Mortazavizadeh


We present a case of epitheloid sarcoma that was referred with a 2×3cm ulcerated lesion on the right ankle and edema of the lower leg. Foot drop of the right side was present that had caused walking difficulty. After a few months, he developed several sporthricoidal nodular lesions on the medial aspect of right thigh, inguinal lymphadenopathy, weight loss, anorexia and respiratory symptoms. Chest x-ray and HRCT showed pulmonary metastasis. Histopathological evaluation and immunohistochemical profile of both skin lesion and involved inguinal lymph node were consistent with epitheloid sarcoma. The case is interesting because as far as we know there has been no report of epitheloid sarcoma in literature presenting with foot drop and edema prior to obvious skin involvement.


Sarcoma; epithelium; ankle

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