Vol 6, No 1-3 (1963)

Table of Contents



Les Adenites Becegiques en Iran ( Teheran ) PDF XML
M. Ghodssi, A. Sabeti, M. Fathi Pages: 1-8
The Morphological and Proliferative Aspect of Lymph Node of Hodgkin's disease Grown in Tissue Culture PDF XML
Kamaleddin Armin Pages: 9-21
Bacteriological Typing of C. Diphtheriae Strains Recently Isolated in Teheran PDF XML
H. Esterabady, H. Taslimi, R. Nategh Pages: 22-32
Oligodendrocytoma of the Optic Nerve, Report of a Case PDF XML
A. M. Zia Shamsa, M. H. Lashkari Pages: 33-45
An Epidemiological Study of Accidents in Teheran Iran PDF XML
Ezzatollah Mahboubi Pages: 46-59