Vol 38, No 4 (2000)

Table of Contents



"Wrestling induced cervical spondylosis, fact or fiction? A study conducted in 148 athletes " PDF XML
"Fakhr Tabatabai SA, Hussain Khan Z, Nabaei B " Pages: 190-195
Effects of Noradrenaline and Potassium Chloride on peripheral vessels in one experimental model of heart failure PDF XML
Mohammadi Naghadeh M, McGrath JC Pages: 196-200
"Intracerebral pneumatocele following non-penetrating head injury: Report of a case " PDF XML
"Saberi H " Pages: 201-203
Complications of radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy in 120 early stage cervical cancers PDF XML
Modares M, Behtash N Pages: 204-206
"Prognostic factors in acute secondary peritonitis: A case control study " PDF XML
Shamimi K, Zarineh A Pages: 207-210
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies in uveitis PDF XML
"Vodjgani M, Baghbani HN, Hajati J " Pages: 211-213
"APO(a) isoforms and LP(a) concentration in predicting risk for coronary artery disease: A study in men <55 years of age " PDF XML
"Rashtchizadeh N, Javadi E, Doosti M, Mohagheghi A, Mahmoodi M " Pages: 214-218
"A research on family characteristics influencing the development of transsexuality in Iran " PDF XML
Noorbala AA, Raisi F Pages: 219-223
"The effect of supervised exercise training on psychological characteristics and physical fitness after myocardial infarction " PDF XML
"Boshtam M, Sadeghi K, Sarraf Zadegan N, Maghsoodloo S, Najafian J, Khalili A " Pages: 224-228
"Choroidal Leiomyoma: A case report and discussion of its histogenesis " PDF XML
"Assadi Amoli F, Haeri H, Sadeghi Tari A " Pages: 229-231
Teachers’ knowledge of Asthma in primary schools PDF XML
"Movahedi M, Moin M, Tavakol M " Pages: 229-231
Transcatheter ablation of the posteroseptal accessory pathways PDF XML
Moghaddam M, Yamini Sharif A Pages: 232-237
"A prospective study of etiologies of Hirsutism and screening for non classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21 Hydroxylase deficiency in 93 female adolescents " PDF XML
"Moayeri H " Pages: 238-239
"Nifedipine in the treatment of liver toxicity induced by Acetaminophen overdose in mice " PDF XML
Kalantari H, Valizadeh M Pages: 240-244
"Long term results of intraoperative 5-FU in Glaucoma filtering procedures " PDF XML
"Hashemian MN, Yazdani S " Pages: 245-247