Huge Myxoid Liposarcoma of the Esophagus: A Case Report


Although esophageal liposarcoma is an extremely rare tumor, liposarcoma is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in adults. Liposarcoma is currently classified into the types of well-differentiated, myxoid, round cell, pleomorphic and dedifferentiated liposarcoma. Up to now only a few cases of esophagus liposarcoma have been described in the world literature. We describe a myxoid type liposarcoma of the esophagus in a 68 year old man presented with hoarseness and intermittent dysphagea to solid food. He had a huge mass in his mouth which was mobile with gag reflex. A barium swallow, esophageal manometery and CT scan of the esophagus have not clearly revealed the mass. After endoscopic surgical resection of the tumor the histological examination revealed a myxoid liposarcoma. Both the presenting signs and symptoms and the histology type are rare for such tumor. This case demonstrate a rare differential diagnosis of intermittent dysphagia as early diagnosis is so important in those tumors and should kept in mind them, although they are quite rare.

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