Vol 38, No 2 (2000)

Table of Contents



Screening of Aflatoxin-producing mould isolates based on fluorescence production on a specific medium under ultraviolet light PDF XML
Razzaghi Abyaneh M, Allameh A, Shams M Pages: 67-73
"Rubella seroprevalence in pregnant women in Shariatti hospital, Tehran, Iran " PDF XML
Eslamian L Pages: 74-78
Glycemic index of split peas, rice (Binam), kidney beans, green peas, "Lavash" bread and broad bean kernels in NIDDM subjects PDF XML
Darabi A, Taleban FA, Esmaili M, Valaii N Pages: 79-83
Comparing of image quality of axial and coronal CT scan of temporal bone PDF XML
Ghanaati H, Sharafi AA, Soroush H Pages: 84-86
"Hysteroscopic ablation of Choriocarcinoma in a patient resistant to chemotherapy " PDF XML
Ghazizadeh S, Behtash N, Ghaem Maghami F, Modares M, Moosavi A Pages: 87-88
Distribution of Sciatic nerve in Hamstring muscles PDF XML
"Khaleghi R, Barbarestani M, Akbari M, Pasbakhsh P, Marzban H, Zanganehnia F " Pages: 89-91
IgG immune responses to different proteins of Helicobacter Pylori as defined by immunoblot assay PDF XML
Raeiszadeh M, Massoud A, Siavoshi F, Malekzadeh R Pages: 92-99
Contralateral effect of adjuvant induced monoarthritis PDF XML
Karimi SM Pages: 100-104
"Behaviour changes in Permethrin-resistant strain of Anopheles Stephensi " PDF XML
Vatandoost H Pages: 105-110
"Vitreous loss: Incidence and complications in extracapsular Cataract extractions " PDF XML
Nikeghbali A, Mirsamadi M, Hashemi M Pages: 111-114
"Smoking prevalence and its combination with some cardiovascular risk factors " PDF XML
Boshtam M, Rafiei M, Sarraf Zadegan N, Asgary S, Khalili A Pages: 115-120