Vol 1, No 2 (1957)

Table of Contents



Research on Phosphatases of Belladona Leaves and Their Purification PDF XML
M. Khorsand Pages: 125-131
Evaluation of Semon's Law in Laryngeal Paralysis PDF XML
J. Hedayaty Pages: 133-138
Appendicitis: Report of Three Hundred and Twenty Seven Cases PDF XML
M. H. Touran Pages: 139-147
Syndrome de Laurence - Biedl: Deux Cas Chez Deux Freres PDF XML
A. T. Naficy Pages: 149-156
Atrophie Essentielle et Progressive de I'Irise PDF XML
G. Chams, G. Sadoughi Pages: 157-163
Chroroideremie et Atrophie Gyrata PDF XML
G. Chams, G. Sadoughi Pages: 165-168
Manifestation Oculaires de la Lepre PDF XML
G. Chams, G. Sadoughi Pages: 169-183
Bronchography with a New Water - Soluble Medium ( Dionosil ) and the Use of a Simple Technic PDF XML
J. Farah, I. Niknejad Pages: 185-190
Technique de la Reaction de Fixation du Complement Modifiee ( M. C. F. ) PDF XML
H. Mirdamadi Pages: 191-195