Vol XIV, No (1971)

Table of Contents



Experimental Study on the Mechanism o£ Cardiac Failure in the Diffuse Anoxia and Acute Local Ischemia of Myocardium in Dogs PDF XML
Nasser Guiti, Manouchehr H. Kermani, Djamal Sadeghi Pages: 1-8
Etude Clinique de 15 Cas de la Maladie de Van Bogaert PDF XML
Dj. Brimani Pages: 9-19
Spontaneous Inhibitors of Factor VIII (Antihemophilic Factor) PDF XML
Fereydoun Ala, Irandokht Shoa'i Pages: 21-33
A Test For Impending Myocardial Infarction PDF XML
Masoum Montakhabolayaleh Pages: 35-43
Field Experiment with the Use of Gamma-BHC for the Control of DLN and DDT Resistant A. Stephensi Mysorensis in the Khesht Area, Kazeroun, South of Iran PDF XML
J. GOLESTANI,  M MOTABAR Pages: 111-129
Tuberculous Osteopathy: A Case Report PDF XML
M. MAZAHER,  S. MOHAMEDl,  S. SHARIAT Pages: 131-139
La Lysotypie d'une Collection de Souch Iraniennes de Salmonella Typhi PDF XML
K. BADALIAN Pages: 141-148
A Case of Infection with Fasciola Hepati with Allergic Manifestations PDF XML
Studies on Intestinal Helminthiasis in Dickleh, Arasbaran, Northwest Iran PDF XML
I. MOBEDI,  F. ARFAA,  C. MOVAFEGH Pages: 153-157
Lymphosarcoma Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Facial Edema PDF XML
GH. DANESHBOD Pages: 159-163
The Myocardial Factor in Irreversible Hemorrhagic Shock: Alterations of Myocardial Performance of the Isolated CanineHeart Preparation following irreversible Hemorrhagic Shock PDF XML
M. AMELI Pages: 165-180
Wirkungsart der Medikamente auf die Veraenderungen des Kammerwasser Produktion und des Augeninnendruckes PDF XML
E. SHARABIANLOU Pages: 181-191