Vol 52, No 6 (2014)

Table of Contents



The influence of combined genotypes of the HLADRB1*1501 and CD24 single nucleotide polymorphism on disease severity of Iranian multiple sclerosis patients. PDF XML
Hossein Ali Ghlichnia, Abolghasem Kollaee, Majid Gaffarpoor, Abolfazl Movafagh, Babak Ghlichnia, Mahdi Zamani Pages: 418-423
Evaluation of expression of NorA efflux pump in ciprofloxacin resistant Staphylococcus aureus against hexahydroquinoline derivative by real-time PCR. PDF XML
Mohammad Reza Pourmand, Masoud Yousefi, Seyed Alireza Salami, Mohsen Amini Pages: 424-429
Low-dose human chorionic gonadotropin adjunct to an antagonist protocol in assisted reproductive technology: a randomized trial study. PDF XML
Marzieh Aghahosseini, Ashraf Aleyasin, Habibeh Yekehtaz, Ladan Kashani Pages: 430-437
Serum inflammatory markers in the elderly: are they useful in differentiating sepsis from SIRS? PDF XML
Mahshid Talebi-Taher, Shahin Babazadeh, Mitra Barati, Maryam Latifnia Pages: 438-442
Operative management of Hoffa fracture of the femoral condyle. PDF XML
Ramji Lal Sahu, Pratiksha Gupta Pages: 443-447
Quality of life of multi drug resistant tuberculosis patients: a study of north India. PDF XML
Raman Sharma, Ravinder Yadav, Meenakshi Sharma, Varinder Saini, Vipin Koushal Pages: 448-453
Body dysmorphic disorder in Iranian orthodontic patients. PDF XML
Soghra Yassaei, Mahdjoube Goldani Moghadam, Hossein Aghili, Seyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei Pages: 454-457
Is ACOG guideline helpful for encouraging pregnant women to do exercise during pregnancy? PDF XML
Fatemeh Davari Tanha, Mahsa Ghajarzadeh, Mona Mohseni, Mamak Shariat, Maryam Ranjbar Pages: 458-461
Asymptomatic atlantoaxial subluxation in rheumatoid arthritis. PDF XML
Mohammadali Nazarinia, Reza Jalli, Eskandar Kamali Sarvestani, Siamak Farahangiz, Maryam Ataollahi Pages: 462-466
Internet addiction among Iranian adolescents: a nationwide study. PDF XML
Khodabakhsh Ahmadi Pages: 467-472
Action research to promote medical students' motivation in an English for Specific Purposes class. PDF XML
Afsaneh Dehnad, Hayedeh Nasser Pages: 473-480
Be careful of lies: a six-year-old boy with respiratory distress and decreased level of consciousness. PDF XML
Behdad Gharib, Hossein Farshadmoghadam, Firozeh Hosseini, Bahareh Yaghmaie Pages: 481-483
Brown tumor of lumbar spine in chronic renal failure: a case report. PDF XML
Babak Mirzashahi, Mohammad Vahedian Ardakani, Abdonaser Farzan Pages: 484-487
Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease: a case report. PDF XML
Payam Sarraf, Mahsa Ghajarzadeh, Babak Salarian Pages: 488-489
Multiple giant succular and fusiform right and left coronary artery aneurysms after early and adequate treatment of atypical kawasaki disease with unusual presentation. PDF XML
Mostafa Behjati-Ardakani, Farzad Ferdosian Pages: 490-492