Vol 52, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents



The effect of vitamin A supplementation on disease progression, cytokine levels and gene expression in multiple sclerotic patients: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. PDF XML
Mohammad Hassan Harrirchian, Niyaz Mohammadzadeh Honarvar, Fariba Koohdani, Sama Bitarafan, Fereydoon Siassi, Sima Jafarirad, Mina Abdolahi, Eisa Salehi, Mohammad Ali Saharian, Homa Rouystaee, Mohammad Reza Eshraghian, Ali Akbar Saboor-Yarghi Pages: 94-100
Protective effects of crocin against streptozotocin-induced oxidative damage in rat striatum. PDF XML
Bahareh Naghizadeh, Mohammad Taghi Mansouri, Behnam Ghorbanzadeh Pages: 101-105
Evaluation of haptoglobin phenotypes in association with clinical features of patients suffered from preterm labor disease. PDF XML
Hossein Ali Khazaei, Batoul Teymuri, Alireza Nakhaei, Mehdi Mohammadi, Mehrangeez Noura, Amin Khazaei, Neda Tofigh, Nima Rezaei Pages: 106-110
Saccular function in otosclerosis patients: bone conducted-vestibular evoked myogenic potential analysis. PDF XML
Amin Amali, Parvane Mahdi, Alireza Karimi Yazdi, Mohammad Taghi Khorsandi Ashtiyani, Nasrin Yazdani, Varasteh Vakili, Akram Pourbakht Pages: 111-115
Relationship between prooxidant-antioxidant balance and severity of coronary artery disease in patients of Imam Khomeini Hospital of Tehran, Iran. PDF XML
Fariba Nabatchican, Nahid Einollahi, Ali Kazemi Khaledi Pages: 116-121
Axillary nerve block in comparison with intravenous midazolam/fentanyl for painless reduction of upper extremity fractures. PDF XML
Hossein Alimohammadi, Mohammad-Reza Azizi, Saeed Safari, Afshin Amini, Hamid Kariman, Hamid Reza Hatamabadi Pages: 122-124
The Epworth Sleepiness Scale for screening of the drowsy driving: comparison with the maintenance of wakefulness test in an Iranian sample of commercial drivers. PDF XML
Khosro Sadeghniiat-Haghighi, Henry J Moller, Maryam Saraei, Omid Aminian, Ahmad Khajeh-Mehrizi Pages: 125-129
SWOT analysis in Sina Trauma and Surgery Research Center. PDF XML
Payman Salamati, Ali ashraf Eghbali, Manijeh Zarghampour Pages: 130-136
Investigating the effect of clinical governess approach on patients' length of stay in emergency department: an action research study. PDF XML
Tahmine Salehi, Nahid Dehghan Nayeri, Arash Rashidian, Eesa Mohammadi Pages: 137-145
Cross-shift study of acute respiratory effects in cement production workers. PDF XML
Omid Aminian, Maryam Aslani, Khosro Sadeghniiat Haghighi Pages: 146-152
Perception and use of complementary and alternative medicine among children and adults with epilepsy: the importance of the decision makers. PDF XML
Ali A Asadi-Pooya, Mehrdad Emami Pages: 153-157
The trend of indexed papers in PubMed covering different aspects of self-immolation. PDF XML
Mohsen Rezaeian Pages: 158-162
Familial amyloidosis cutis dyschromica: a case report. PDF XML
Farideh Dehghani, Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh, Mansour Moghimi, Mohammad Taghi Noorbala Pages: 163-165
Intracortical chondrosarcoma: a case report. PDF XML
Khodamorad Jamshidi, Reza Razavi, Homan Yahyazadeh Pages: 166-169
Rhabdomyosarcoma with skin metastasis: report of a case. PDF XML
Shahla Ansari, Saeed Yousefian, Ghasem Miri-Aliabad, Tayeb Ramim Pages: 170-172